Peter Beard : Like a Bird on a Wire/in Memoriam

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It was a magical time, that summer of 1984, when Peter and I journeyed across Provence, in search of the locations of Van Gogh's most famous paintings. We even managed to track down the infamous Yellow Vase, which i still can't believe I held in my hands. We were invited to see the hospital at which Vincent had been treated and the air tightened in our chests as we sat in silence in his cell. But it was also a time of fun, of far too much of everything and like children playing hooky, the excitement of each discovery was followed by a late night in the place du Forum, where plans were hatched for the following day's adventures.
After this dear friend and mentor disappeared on the 1st of April 2020, and the subsequent discovery of his remains some 18 days later, I reached out to one of the illustrators employed by PB, in Kenya, and commissioned him to work on a few of my own photographs taken during our time in Paris, Arles, Cassis and St Rémy, that summer and autumn of 1984, as an homage to the man with Africa in his soul.

"Peter Beard, Like a Bird on a Wire" will be exhibited in Arles at the Anne Clergue Gallerie 6th July - 26 September 2021

Hand made Silvergelatine prints are available as ltd editions of 16 and 2 APs, inclusive of both formats 30 x 40 and 40 x 50 cm.

Each illustrated photograph is unique as silver gelatine print or Cprint .

Please contact me for availability and prices.
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