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It takes time to make traditional photographic prints in the darkroom.
After processing the film, I hang the negatives up to dry in a dust proof environment and slot them into archival sleeves to protect them.
The negatives are then laid out on a sheet of photographic paper and a panel of glass put on top.
I then proceed to make a contact sheet, so as to be able to see all the negatives and choose which is the most suitable to printing.

Once the negative is chosen, it is put in the enlarger and after some trial and error to determine the time of exposure, it is exposed on to the chosen paper.

I work with fibre based paper for gallery and collector work, and resin based paper for trials and contact sheets.

The final print will be developed with the use of three trays in which are measured the appropriate chemicals.

I sometimes tone the print in either a selenium or a gold toner, depending on the subject matter, dry it flat on airing net overnight, and flattenit in a hot dry press the following morning, after which any marks that I might find, will be retouched with archival photographic inks.

The finished print is then mounted on acid free board and framed.

Each one of my prints is signed and stamped on the reverse and issued with a certificate of Authenticity.

This process takes several days to complete but what you then have is a unique piece of art, which will last for a hundred years!

These Silver-gelatine prints are available in various ltd editions depending on the image.
ALL MY LTD EDITIONS ARE INCLUSIVE OF ALL FORMATS so that you will not find another print in another size that is NOT included in the number of prints made.

This is to reassure collectors that there will not ever be more than the stated number of prints made ever again.
Please contact me for more details, availability and prices.

Thank you for popping in!

I can also be found in my darkroom/studio at KROWJI STUDIO 111
TR15 3GE

Just email me to book an appointment via the contact form or at:

Thank you.
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